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WGCDD will attend to the World's biggest gaming exhibition

2014.01.27. WGCDD  

We are proud to announce that WGCDD will attend to the World's biggest gaming exhibition and conference, ICE Totally Gaming Expo 2014 – Sensational at ExCel, London,  4th-6th February 2014.

Let's discuss your plan about building up an online casino! Here is a good chance to meet our team and co-partner, E-Gambling Montenegro personally. We offer our new service kit Essence collection, in which you have the legal background and financial infrastructure beside the complete online casino method. Find us at Stand N2-256. We are happy to meet you there!



Meet us at Ice Totally Gaming London

2014.01.25. Ice Totally Gaming  

.casino new Top Level Domain!

2013.10.17. WGCDD  

Stay tuned! .casino top level domain will be available. As soon is available you can register by Casino-Development this exciting domain. If you order on-line casino from us, the domain name will be gratis!


Visit us on EiG Barcelona

2013.10.04. Casino-Development.Com  

Casino Development has just finished live testing and ready to offer it for sale.

2013.10.03. Casino-Development.Com  

After a successful period of software development and payment gateway integration - working with rummy experts, programmers and graphic designers - is ready to find its new owner, running it to business success. Half year of live test operation also resulted that players can play in real money using e-wallet, prepaid card and also direct debit card transfer on the gaming website.

WebGarden Casino Development Division (WGCDD) is located in Central Europe, having more then 8 years of software development experience. Working with the newest technologies resulted a real professional website that players can use with high ergonomic and gaming user interface. Website is already available on six different languages.

The gaming website and the operation is licensed with the Games of Chance administration Montenegro, as part of E-Gambling Montenegro services including all operational background as well – Montenegrin company, bank account, contracted payment service providers and technical support.

Tenderers can make bids chosing from three different kind of sales condition:

  • Operation and marketing with development and strategic support
  • Operation and marketing with development (technical) support
  • For free usage with software source code, documentation and company

Interested in or in any of our services visit us on EiG Barcelona at stand 613, or take a look at our website: .

E-Gambling Montenegro enjoys ICE debut

2013.10.02. iNTERGAME Online  
Csongor Lenkey, project manager at E-Gambling Montenegro, was full of praise after the company exhibited at ICE Totally Gaming for the first time.

E-Gambling Montenegro

“We consider the exhibition and our participation as a success,” said Lenkey.
”Last year was our first time at ICE, when we were here just to introduce the company and our services – but now we are better prepared, with more than six months’ experience."

The scale of the show made a strong impression on many visitors and exibitors and Lenkey is no exception: “This expo is in a bigger venue and we have received visitors and clients in high numbers, offering our services on site. We have had clients who have signed the application form for our services here.

“The feedback we have received at ICE has justified our concept and all-in-one model solution," added Lenkey. “The essence of it is that we provide all the required services and arrangements in a single service package, with minimum bureaucracy, and we deliver a turnkey solution in two to four weeks after receiving the application.

“As we had hoped, and as a result of this expo, we will have an increased number of inquiries and client application requests,” he concluded.


WebGarden offers unique opportunity

2013.10.02. iNTERGAME Online

Silcon Valley to invest in online gambling

2013.10.02. GamBetNews  

Look out Las Vegas, here comes FarmVille. Silicon Valley is betting that online gambling is its next billion-dollar business, with developers across the industry turning casual games into occasions for adults to wager. At the moment these games are aimed overseas, where attitudes toward gambling are more relaxed and online betting is generally legal, and extremely lucrative. But game companies, from small teams to Facebook and Zynga, have their eye on the ultimate prize: the rich American market, where most types of real-money online wagers have been cleared by the Justice Department. Silicon Valley Companies believe that online gambling will soon become as simple as buying an e-book or streaming a movie, and that the convenience of being able to bet from your couch, surrounded by virtual friends, will offset the lack of glittering ambiance found in a real-world casino. Think you can get a field of corn in FarmVille, the popular Facebook game, to grow faster than your brother-in-law’s? Five bucks says you cannot. “Everyone is really anticipating this becoming a huge business,” said Chris DeWolfe, a co-founder of the pioneering social site Myspace, who is throwing his energies into a gaming studio with a gambling component backed by, among others, the personal investment funds of Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder, and Eric E. Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman. As companies eagerly wait for the American market to open up, they are introducing betting games in Britain, where Apple has tweaked the iPhone software to accommodate them. Mark Pincus, the chief executive of Zynga, said the company was just following the market. “There is no question there is great interest from all kinds of people in games of chance, whether it is for real money or virtual rewards,” he said. Zynga, which has missed revenue expectations in the last year, is making gambling a centerpiece of its new strategy. It has just applied to Nevada for a gambling license. Casual gaming first blossomed on Facebook’s Web site, where players could readily corral friends into their games. It is now being rethought for mobile devices, so people can play in brief snippets as they wait for a bus or a sandwich. Some games mimic the slots and poker found in casinos; others emphasize considerably more creativity. The vast majority of casual game players play at no charge. A small number buy virtual objects in the game to speed their play or increase their status.


CJEU reiterates cross-border stance

2013.09.28. iNTERGAME Online  

The Court of Justice of the European Union has confirmed that EU member states cannot prohibit or restrict the cross-border gambling market.

The preliminary ruling in the Italian case of Biasci et al (C-660/11ea) reiterates that such restrictions - which effectively favour incumbent operators in the state while precluding those licensed in other member states - are in breach of EU law.

The ruling, which applies to all cross-border betting and gambling, in whatever form, means that operators licensed in other EU member states should not be prevented from offering their services in Italy.


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